About subcision

Subcision by Dr. Barikbin’s new method using Barikbin’s blunt subcision blades, BBSB

Subcision is defined as releasing fibrotic or firm connective tissues by a tool that has a needle called Nokor in its standard form. One of the important factors in appearance of scarring caused by acne is existence of adherence and fibrosis in lower tissues that pulls skin toward inside and causes troughs. Moreover about deep static wrinkles in laugh line region and glabella, collagen and elastin fibers’ fracture in wrinkle’s depth and formation of fibrosis is one of the factors make this wrinkles stable. Opening these fibers without using filler has benefits in reducing depth of these wrinkles.

Common methods

In order to do this we enter the point of Nokor needle which is similar to dagger, in fibrotic tissue in different distances and by putting it in right direction (horizontal) we start cutting fibrotic tissue. bleeding and hematoma caused by this method work as a natural filler.


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Before And After Subcision



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