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Acne treatment depends on type of the scar, the location and the skin.

Some times the patient need more than one method to treat the scar.

In this cases the patient should consult the Dr to require the right treatment.

One of the best methods to treat the Acne scars is : Subcision

What is Subcision:

Subcision is defined as realeasing fibrotic or firm Connective tissues by a tool that has needle called Nokor in its standard form. One of the important factors in appearance of scarring caused by acne is existence of adherence and fibrosis in lower tissues that pulls skin toward inside and causes troughs. Moreover about deep static wrinkles in laugh line region and glabella, collagen and elastin fibers’ fracture in wrinkle’s depth and formation of fibrosis is one of the factors make this wrinkles stable. Opening these fibers without using filler has benefits in reducing depth of these wrinkles.

For more information about Subcision please check our website.


Here are some patients photos who used BBSubcision Method and you can see their perfect results.

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