Specialized Doctors in BBSubcision Methods

Dr. Behrooz Barikbin


Dr Behrooz Barikbin was born in 1975 in IRAN. He was graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences as a dermatologist at 2005. He got the first rank of board examination at that year and worked as a faculty member in Shahid Beheshti medical University until 2013. After this time he worked as a private dermatologist and his interest is cosmetic and procedural dermatology. He is expert in hair transplantation, laser therapy, liposuction and lipotransfer and any procedure related to rejuvenation like botox or filler injection. He is inventor of a new technique and device for subcision which is called Barikbin`s Blunt Subcision. He lives also in Canada and has a medspa named BB Royal Cosmetic.


Before & After Images

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