Type D of BBSB Cannulas

Type D of  BBSB cannula is similar to Type B. Its blade is the narrowest one between all types. The edge of its blade is similar to Type A.

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Type D of  BBSB cannula is similar to Type B. Its blade is the narrowest one between all types. The edge of its blade is similar to Type A.

Subcision By Dr. Barikbin’s New Method Using Barikbin’s Blunt Subcision Blades (BBSB)

Subcision is defined as releasing fibrotic or firm connective tissues by a tool that has a needle called Nokor in its standard form. One of the important factors in appearance of scarring caused by acne is existence of adherence and fibrosis in lower tissues that pulls skin toward inside and causes troughs.

Moreover about deep static wrinkles in laugh line region and glabella, collagen and elastin fibers’ fracture in wrinkle’s depth and formation of fibrosis is one of the factors make this wrinkles stable. Opening these fibers without using filler has benefits in reducing depth of these wrinkles.


What Does The Full Package Of Barikbin's Blunt Subcision Blades Include?

The “Full Package of Barikbin’s Blunt Subcision Blades” includes all types of Barikbin’s Blunt Subcision Blades; Type A, Type B, Type C, Type D and Type G.

What Are The Common Methods Of Doing Subcision?

In order to do this we enter the point of Nokor needle which is similar to dagger, in fibrotic tissue in different distances and by putting it in right direction (horizontal) we start cutting fibrotic tissue. bleeding and hematoma caused by this method work as a natural filler.

What Are Disadvantages Of Nokor Needle

1- Local anesthesia for each scar with relatively lots of pain.

2- Causing linear scars because of the Nokor’s triangle shape.

3- Permanent change in skin color because of needle sticking.

4- Having seasonal limitation (because of sunlight intensity).

5- Long period of treatment

6- Recovery time between 7 to 14 days

7- Low satisfaction rate (33to 66% recovery)

8- Impossibility of using complementary therapies

However, opening fibrosis and tearing fibrotic bands is a very attractive and functional topic but subcision in common way by Nokor needle regarding its disadvantages does not seem an ideal method.

Sometimes complementary methods like sucking by suction is used to come over the mentioned disadvantages but for some reasons like frequent recourses to complete treatment or other specific problems, this method is not appropriate.

What Is Dr. Behrooz Barikbin's, The Inventor Of This Method, Opinion About BBSubcision?>

Since the early 2011 considering the necessity of opening fibrosis and adherence caused by acne before laser therapy, peeling or microdermabrasion to increase the rate of recovery, the idea of using bar instead of needle came to my mind. First I used angiocatheter because of its blunt head  and then I start using fat injection cannulas as  an alternative for Nokor needle in subcision. Result was acceptable but there were problems. Because of  its disposable nature, cannulas broke in hyper fibrotic and firm tissues and I had to use several cannulas in one operation. Other problem was sudden perforation during subcision.

In 2012 regarding excellent results of using cannulas I decided to design a tool for subcision that could cover disadvantages of Nokor  needles and single use cannulas.

Finally I designed a tool named BBSB that was patented in Iran and the U.S. at this very moment Mars Company is the only one who has the right to produce and sell BBSB.

How To Do BBSubcision Method?

Before starting, all of the marked area gets completely numb and inflated by Tumescent solution (containing epinephrine, Lidocaine and normal saline). In this method instead of several perforations by Nokor needle, we enter the sub cutis only by one perforation next to ear and among hairs of sideburns and subcision operation and tearing fibrotic tissue is done in a short time (despite of the old common method). Liquid infiltration among tissue layers in subcision area makes the operation easier and safer about veins and nerves.

Also inflammation from Tumescent solution causes hydro dissection and opens fibrotic tissues, by the way Epinephrine inside the solution causes local stricture of veins and decreases the chance of bleeding. On the other hand, it makes possible to do Laser therapy or RF’CO2 Fractional or Non-ablative simultaneously.

What Are The Advantages Of This Method?

-Reduced treatment time

-Significant decrease in bleeding and bruise.

– Easy operation.

– Excellent results of therapy

-Only one perforation on each side of the face

-Possibility of use for every skin phenotype

-No sharp tip (despite of sharp and cutting tip of Nokor needle)

-Recovery time only 2-3 days

-Possibility of simultaneous therapy with chemical or mechanical peeling (microdermabrasion or dermabrasion) or laser therapy.

– Performable in all seasons of the year without special limitation about intense sunlight.

What Are The Applications Of BBSubcision?

-Treatment of deep scar caused by acnes specially Box and rolling scars.

-Treatment of deep wrinkles of face (like nasolabial wrinkle) and significant recovery in every atrophic type scares (caesarian linear scars or appendicitis or cholecystectomy).

-Old skin rejuvenating and recovery of solar elastosis skins.

– improving  the cellulite appearance in hip or tight region.

Is There Any Special Tip Before Doing This Procedure?

Actually the following tips should be considered:

1. Patient should not have active acnes.
2. At the same time ban on Isotretinoin (acotan) and the minimum period of three months after completion of the drug therapy.

Is There Any Special Tip To Do After This Procedure?

The following tips should be considerd:

-No water touching on perforated places in sides of the face for 24 to 48 hours.

-Prescription and use of Antibiotic ointment like Mupirocin all over the region

-Prophylactic acyclovir prescription in the case that a patient has history for herpes.

– No need for special care against sunlight after subcision despite of laser therapy.

These cannulas are provided only by Mars Company and any dangers in using cannulas bought from other persons are on the user.



These Cannulas are provided only by Mars Company and any dangers in using cannulas bought from other persons are on the user. You can buy the “Barikbin’s Blunt Blade Subcision (BBSB) Cannulas” on WWW.BBSUBCISION.COM website.



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